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Thread: Looking for Cephalotus Follicularis!!!

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    Looking for Cephalotus Follicularis

    I have had a nice little seedling cephalotus follicularis that has been growing pretty well for the last little while, but the other week, I made some changes in my terrarium arrangement, and some climate changes/ improvements, and the cephalotus didn't like the transition phase (though the changes would have benefited it in the long run). I would like a replacement. If anyone has an extra cephalotus follicularis they would be willing to part with, let me know, and of course I will pay shipping. Another option would be to do a trade. I don't have much to offer, but I do have a few extra drosera, and maybe a N. Alata cutting, or almost any of my other non-carnivorous plants, on my growlist, would be available. Thanks!
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