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Thread: Massive trade offer

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    Massive trade offer

    Hello everyone. I have FINALLY got my bog cleaned out and broke down for now. I have finished inventory of plants and this is what I have to trade off. 2 offereings are from a recent post as well I combined into this post. I do have offers on the obvious plant LW. I am considering these offers but would like to see if others are made. Please note it takes time to process these offers considering there are plants in them I am unaware of at times or crosses I have not seen. So please be patient. I have the cuttings trimmed and their feet in water. This really is a big offer. Again please email me as my PM box will not be able to handle the volume. No offer is too small to make so please don't be shy. Some plants are small and it will be stated two plants or more per trade.

    S. alata 'red' x flava rubicorpa 2

    S. Flava 'Copper Top' 3

    S. flava maxima--sent to me questionable ID 6

    S. 'Leah Wilkerson'---From previous offer, Offers previously sent are still on the table and still being considered. For those who have made offers do not count yourselves out just yet. I am still considering all offers. 4

    S. leucophylla 'red' small plants multiple plants per trade 8

    S. leucophylla 'red tube' Santa Rosa, Fl from Bugweed 12

    S. Minor---from previous trade offer. 10

    S. rubra hybrid unknown 7

    S. rubra ssp. Gulfensis ancestral form from Crawford Co, GA 17

    S. rubra whergyi 'red tube copper top' 16
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    Emails sent. Thanks again!
    Joshua from PA
    Looking for plants with Pennsylvania location data
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