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Thread: Found stuff! Want stuff! Please? <3

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    Found stuff! Want stuff! Please? <3

    So, I was messin' with my plants today. And broke off random bits on accident or discovered pups or whatever.
    And I have the following for trade:
    3x small D. Capensis Alba
    1x small S. Leucophylla x Flava
    1x small/med S. Unknown (shows some alataish...rubraish...influences. Very vigorous. Might be colorful too but I'll never know growing under these oak trees )

    Also have succulents to clear out:
    Kalanchoe Tubiflora
    Aloe (one rosette, one v-fan shaped. neither are vera, but still feel nice on sunburn)
    Euphorbia Tirucalli (Pencil Cactus/Milkbush)
    Hawthoria Fasciata var Fasciata
    Scrambling teal/purple leafed succulent vine...I dunno.

    I'm way too lazy and things are too cluttered to try and take pics.
    And cause of thereof...I'd like as few trades as possible (ie...few plants for few plants at once).

    I totally forget what I wanted though.
    Make me offers!!

    No, wait!
    Pings! I want pings
    Not grown up ones though, cause I'd feel like I was rippin' someone off. Just little plantlets are good, like, the size of a thumbnail or biggerish.

    And sarrs are always welcome

    Okay, okay...I'm especially yearnin' for:
    D. Indica
    D. Graminifolia
    ~Other cool-growing sundews
    D. Filiformis 'All Red'
    D. x Beleziana
    S. [(Excellens x Flava v. Maxima) x Leucophylla] x Alata NigraPurpurea
    S. Red Bug
    S. Areolata
    S. Minor x Courtii
    S. Flava Atropurpurea x Alata Pubescens Green
    S. Flava Ornata x Wilkerson's Red
    S. Jonesii x Minor 'Okee'
    P. Tehuacan
    P. Lusitanica
    P. Grandiflora
    P. Gypsicola
    P. Pirouette
    P. Cyclosetta
    P. Seductora
    P. Jaumavensis
    P. Agnata -> any var will do :3
    P. John Rizzi
    P. Vulgaris
    P. sp. Lautner
    VFT Clumping
    VFT Yellow; Red-Stripe

    Oh, um...PM me with offers!!! Commenting in here isn't especially necessary, and I'll remove things as they're gotten rid of/acquired, so no need to ask
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    I have multifda extrema. aim me? I also am trying to grow out these sethos pulling babies but i have two and they are only the size of the top of a pencil eraser!!!!!!!! im so proud of them lol.. UHm.. i planted one out (i might have 2 no the second leaf grouped together but i dont know) and the other leaf with the possible two is still in its live moss till it grows a bit

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    In exchange for the D. aliciae.. I'll send you:

    a bunch of D. adelae
    a large P. agnata 'Red Leaf'
    a nice Crimson Sawtooth
    and maybe a P. Pirouette if I can find it..

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    I know you're generous, dear...but that's way too much for me :x

    I'll scare up more stuff for you to be fair (because I -want- to) but seriously, no worries on the Pirouette, and just one smallish Adelae. And the smallest agnata.

    Please and thank youuuuuuu<3

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