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Thread: unrooted predator cutting

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    unrooted predator cutting

    Hi i have a nepenthes predator cutting im looking to make it will make about two to four depending on how many nodes you like in your cuttings, it is a select predator from ep i bought about a year plus ago. I am interested in the black truncatas(larger ones would be perferable Q x K what im most looking for), lowii hybrids (lowii x truncata or lowii x merrilliana from eps recent release) veitchii Ks, a sizable hamata potentially or other species mainly with teeth, ep hybrids, cephalotus or anything just about except sundews and butterworts. a combo of black truncata lowii x truncata and veitchii k would be the best although i realize thats pushing it. Thanks ill get up a picture asap as well thanks for looking
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