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Thread: Free S. Minor Divisions 4 Postage

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    I refunded your payment for shipping
    "Patience Is a Virtue" specially when you are getting something for free

    Quote Originally Posted by chibae View Post
    Let's see in the WEEKS that have passed between June 22 and Today, July18th I have PMed you twice on this board and once on another board where you were selling minor divsions "cheap", and have emailed you.
    You have responded with total silence. Since I have no plant to show for my shipping money I opened a claim with paypal to get refunded. last time I checked they too were waiting for a response from you.
    The line "I am very busy right now" which you put in another ad won't cut it for me as you have put up other plants for postage ads here as well as the sales a since taking my money. If you had time to do that than you had time to respond to inquires about whether or not the plant had been shipped.
    I hadn't planned on making this public, but hey, it was you who took my money and then chose to not honor your offer.[COLOR="green"]

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    Quote Originally Posted by dethcheez View Post
    i refunded your payment for shipping
    "patience is a virtue" specially when you are getting something for free

    I find that GOOD communication goes a long way a long way as well.
    When I need to take such extreme measures to get you to communicate ANYTHING to me after 27 days, don't try and paint me as the bad guy here. A very simple PM could have avoided this who;e thing. It's not the cost it's the principle.
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