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Thread: looking for vivarium plants/decor

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    looking for vivarium plants/decor

    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking for some vivarium plants for my soon to be poison dart frog tanks.

    I'm interested in starts/established plants or cuttings of...(parentheses particular ones, but i'm looking for others too)

    easy growing orchids
    Utricularia (longifolia, etc)
    Small to medium growing bromeliads
    small ferns (korean rock)
    jewel orchids
    wandering jew, green/white varigated
    silver green philodendron
    dwarf grasses
    small growing syngonium, alocasia, colosia if they exist haha i have tons of EE's but they're too big
    Monolina primuliflora
    lance leaf ficus
    smaller neps, mine are too big now :P

    java moss
    live sphagnum moss (green & red)
    Bonsai cushion moss
    Flame moss
    star moss

    Slate rocks
    Driftwood, trunks
    interesting rocks safe for frogs

    Well there's a list but if you think you have something that might interest me please send me an email. Looking for almost anything...

    i have one 20gallon long, and 1 30 gallon tank that needs filling up

    email is fastest response: thatsmysushi* (replace * with @)

    i will pay the shipping, i don't have much to offer, send me a pm if you have anything

    few plants i do have:
    n. sanguinea orange
    h. golden tiara
    h. albomarginata
    h. patriot
    h. plantagia or something haha on my growlist
    EE's multiple varieties
    a. konjac's we can arrange for a fall shipment when i dig them up
    seeds on my growlist
    black raspberry bushes
    native common daylilies
    yellow sedum
    sun chokes jerusalem artichokes
    air potato seeds
    rose of sharon 2nd or 3rd year 8"-1' woody growth
    spanish onion starts, green onion starts possibly
    marigolds, geraniums, peppers etc 6 packs possibly

    Thank you very much
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