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Thread: Looking for a few Helis . . .

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    Looking for a few Helis . . .

    After losing a few very nice flowering-sized plants to a slack-jawed punk who was -- supposedly -- house-sitting for me, while I had to be away; I am looking to replace a few that are either toast or may be headed that way. I have lots to trade, from other Heliamphora species to seed-grown Nepenthes and other plants. Inquire.

    Looking for the following replacements:

    Heliamphora ciliata
    Heliamphora elongata
    Heliamphora huberi
    Heliamphora neblinae var. parva
    Heliamphora sp. "Angasima" (I may have seeds from this bugger on the way)
    Heliamphora uncinata
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    Nice plants, sorry that you lost them.
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