I'm interested in increasing the genetic pool of Cephs that I grow for potential future breeding experiments. For trade, I have several small, robust clones of Cephalotus 'Hummer's Giant'**.

I am interested in acquiring established*** Cephs with some distinctive trait (or traits). Examples are pseudo-named varieties that I don't currently grow ("Big Boy", 'Eden Black', etc), very dark pitchers, large pitchers, pitchers with unique shape, etc (typicals are fine).

** the clone that I grow can be traced back to John Hummer directly (unlike most) and exhibit the wide midrib, robust growing & large size for which HG Cephs are noted.
*** while the plants can be small, they must be established (not recent leaf-pullings or small divisions)

If interested, please send an email to:

... and include the following....

- name
- forum name
- information on the plant you are offering to trade (why I should be interested)
- a recent / current pic or two of the plant

In addition:
- specific plant pics available by request (general pics in growlist)
- plants are not for sale
- this is not on a 1st come basis - no need to rush
- I will wait for reasonable weather before shipping
- plant will be shipped via USPS Priority mail.
- while I will attempt to respond in a timely manner, I may not succeed
- USA only

- Thanks for playing