Hey there..
I got some game codes and small trinkets for going to the Penny Arcade Expo 2011, and I am willing to trade them for carnivorous plants. I am looking for anything that isn't on my grow list.

-Send me a PM if you are interested in anything
-I will send codes/trinkets after receiving

I have (1) Deus Ex "Purity Fist" in-game item for Team Fortress 2 for Steam, includes game if you don't already have TF2:

Some "swag" (more like trinkets) I'd like to get rid of. (you can PM me for pics if you're interested) :

(1)Halo recyclable shopping bag
(2)Uncharted 3/Star Hawk recyclable shopping bag
(2) Mass Effect inflatable Omni Blade
(2) Prototype 2 foam blade
(2) Prototype 2 chewing gum
(1) FireFall inflatable "sticks" (they make some noise when you bang them together, and are fun to hit people with)
(2) packets containing 3 GameSpot button pins