I was wondering if any of you good folks might have cuttings of any of the following Neps that you might be willing to part with:

N. rafflesiana
N. ampullaria (preferably an all-red or all-green form)
N. x hookeriana
N. spec x aristo (I had one but lost it tragically when I let it get too try for too long)

I don't have much in the way of mature Neps that are ready to take cuttings - most of what I have available to trade are some typical VFTs, some D. spatulata "Fraser Island," and a few small P. 'Sethos.'

Like I said, a long shot

However, if you're up to trade for something non-biological, let me know via PM - I work for a company that probably has something you're interested in, and I get a nice discount

Thanks for reading!