Hello! I have a couple smaller tanks used for annual killies which just kinda sit around while I'm waiting for eggs to be ready- so it's now time to hatch some so I need to clear out some of the plants in these tanks. There are snails in the tanks. There is a gallon bag of watersprite available and another bit (not yet in a bag) of javamoss with watersprite in it. This mixed bag was really full so the bottom stuff may not have been getting good light or whatever but this tank didn't have many snails cruising around or any shrimp (the last killies ate them all) so the moss needs a bit of cleaning, but is healthy.

I would trade for some shrimp, possibly other aquarium plants (non co2d please no trumpet snails) or something CP Just PM me offers! ...needs to go or it's all trash.

The mixed bag is all of this java moss and some of the watersprite mixed in. (I didn't bother trying to separate at all)

What will go into the mixed bag:

The sprite bag is just about all of the sprite from this tank (it's peat moss on the bottom of the tank from the current killie breeding bowl which spilled when moving the tank) and most of the loose sprite in the first pictured tank.

The gallon bag of watersprite: