Hey everyone! I harvested the seeds of two of my thai chili pods from my plants i had last year (they were crammed in a tiny pot so i only got two chilis since they couldnt grow lol), but I got about 30 of them and I dried them. I then sowed about 15 or so and they are already sedlings growing in a pot. Took about 3 weeks from harvesting to now. Extremely fresh. I have the rest in my fridge waiting to be traded off.

I can trade either some seedlings or seeds, or both. I am not planning on keeping all of my seedlings seeing as they get pretty big and I have around 13 of them now

If you have any other superhot peppers to offer in either seed, fresh pepper, or plant form propose me an offer. (I would want seeds in the fresh pepper hhaha)

If not you can offer me anything else cp related, or just ask me if I have enough left to accept a sase, and I'll send you some for free