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Thread: red savina habanero pod

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    red savina habanero pod

    Early in the summer I purchased some ghost pepper seeds that were actually red savina habaneros. From the Sandia Seed Co in New Mexico. They had run out of their own and bought some from another vendor for resale. And evidently they grew a bunch of these as well. They sent me replacements as well as some other pods.

    I thought I would pass on a pod to someone here who might like to try it and keep the seeds for next year.

    Another plant I grew from that batch of seeds has pods that look like this. A bit variable, some look a bit like scorpions, and others a bit more enlongated. Any ideas? Or probably another hab, I guess.

    While I am thinking about it, this has shown up. Could be a caribe I planted, or maybe a volunteer. Does this ring a bell? I am curious as to what it is.

    Anyway, here's the deal. The first person to post (not pm) gets it. I will pm you my address, you then send me a box, or padded envelope, or whatever you deem capable of keeping it from getting smashed in the mail, with appropriate postage for say an ounce or so over the weight of the package. When I get your mailer I will cut it off the plant and mail it to you posthaste.

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    Your mystery pepper looks like a Bhut jolokia..... hottest pepper on earth!!

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