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Thread: LF: An Easy Utric

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    LF: An Easy Utric

    So my girlfriend, who loves Orchids, likes utric flowers too and I'm looking to get an easy-to-care-for utric for her. Something that could be thrown on a windowsill with minimal fuss would be perfect. U. Longifolia was suggested but other recommendations are welcome!
    As for what I can trade:
    I have some 2 year old sarr random hybrids that are outgrowing their containers and need to be separated, most have succumbed to the winter and are in dormancy for the time.
    Have some extra Mimosa Pudica (sensitive plant) seed, about a year old but still germinates (I tested a few just last week)
    Rooted ventrata cutting, nothing special just a death cube save I've taken cuttings of a few times now.
    I also have homemade hot sauce that I put on everything and have a bunc hof 2 oz bottles of I'd be happy to trade off!
    Feel free to shoot me a PM or post here!

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    I'll give you a utric grab bag for the cost of shipping.. if that'd help.

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