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Thread: Texas Fig tree cutting(s) and Buddah's hand citron cutting

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    Texas Fig tree cutting(s) and Buddah's hand citron cutting

    Hello to all. Yesterday I was doing some work on the patio, and got tired of being poked by two branches of a smallish fig tree. The original was planted some forty or so years ago at the home where I grew up. Ever since I have kept it going and there are many clones of it around Texas and some other states. I don't know the variety, but it can get upwards of thirty five foot tall, and has fruit about half the size of an average apple. Some tend to be mushy when ripe. This one is not. Depending upon demand, they could be cut into several pieces. These two are eighteen inches in length.

    Perhaps eight or so years ago I decided I wanted to get a Buddah's hand citron. The fruit has a very interesting shape. The flowers are large and fragrant. Originally planted in front of my house, and protected in the winter by a temporary structure and lights, I realized it was a losing battle, and that I would keep it in a pot. More appropriate to places like Vietnam or India, so I hear, nonetheless it has struggled along. Last year I let a sucker low on the plant grow to add to the "canopy"
    and one branch is a crossing branch and has to go. Another one or two may be pruned a bit, I have not decided yet. In any case, getting a cutting to root is highly unlikely. For me anyway. So this is mostly aimed at folks who do tissue culture or grafting.

    The leaves have a winged petiole like a grapefruit. Here is more info:

    Should this generate interest, I would like to give preference to former trading partners, otherwise, first come first served, I would think. For postage, to be determined. It will be your call to determine the weather regime between you and I, and if it will be safe to mail.
    Currently where I am it is 80 degree F and no freezing weather predicted for several days. Let's put a three day window on this, so if you want in, do it before Wednesday.



    Forgot to add, prefer you contact me via adding to the post and/or email @ The TF mailbox fills up mucho fast. And by the way the fig tree was always propogated via branch cuttings, never root or base cuttings, so nematodes should not be an issue.
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