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Thread: Scotch bonnet pepper seeds

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    Scotch bonnet pepper seeds


    Today I ran into a couple of people who were growing some epis in front of their house. I was asked to do an ID on a plant on their patio, and while there noticed a Scotch bonnet pepper with a lot of pods on it. What it looked like anyway, and another friend agreed when I slowed him the pods.

    The red pod is unknown, I think it came from a bush where they were growing upside down, probably some decorative pepper. Here are the seeds from both.

    Thought I might pass on a few if anyone is interested. SASE, I think would be the way to go.
    Post if interested and I will get back to you. Say maybe six or seven people, ten seeds per, or something like that...
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    THe red one looks like a birds eye thai chili from what i can tell esp if it was pointing at the sky (upside down) but I am not pepper expert. Thai chilies look differnt though from what ive seen. some more chubby than others and some really long and thin.

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