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Thread: Who wants my male N. maxima "Poi Dog" flower?

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    Who wants my male N. maxima "Poi Dog" flower?


    So I've never seen a Nep flower before and I have no idea what to do with it. I understand some good folks out there might be looking for some pollen, so... if you're interested, and willing to explain to me how to get it to you, it's up for grabs!

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    It's really easy to collect and store.
    Start from the bottom up. When the pollen begins to darken, that's when you clip the tip off of each. Make a little fold envelope thingy using wax paper. Clip the tips of slightly darkened pollen heads off into the wax paper fold. Then just seal and store in the fridge.
    The sooner it's used the better, but it'll keep for months using this method.

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