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Thread: Cissus (I think) quadrangularis

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    Cissus (I think) quadrangularis

    Hello again!

    I was at a neighbors house having coffee and jawing and I had mentioned in the past that I wanted a plant they had planned to dig up and get rid of as the top had died. A grapefruit tree grafted to trifoliate orange...long story short it was agreed that I could dig it up and take it home. Also they had in a hanging basket a plant I had never seen before, and I got a cutting. Today I saw it had been trimmed and the leavings were on the ground, and I got to take them home as well. The plant is Cissus and the genus I believe is quadrangularis. A member of the grape family, it looks like sausage links with a grape leaf between each section. If you cut the plant, all the leaves drop off. Any new growth has the leaves. A curious thing. These are a bit dried up, but I believe are sound and ready to begin again, as it were. Veldt grape/Devil's Backbone, is that a cool nickname or what??

    Here is a pic of the cuttings...

    There may be some health benefits to be derived in the future from this critter, who knows? In any case, I have a bunch to parcel out to those of you who might want some. If so, sing usual email is best. Thanks, P/D
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