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Another non-cp trade for those who like oddities. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j...c_-JAplPa8MTWQ

In my area most citrus trees are grafted to trifoliate orange. While driving around yesterday I spied a twisted knarled tree with small yellow fruits about seven feet tall. I stopped for a closer look and rung the bell and asked the fellow who lived there what it was. He said he was unsure and took one of the fruits to a local nursery where some genius told him it was a Mexican lime. Actually one tiny branch still was, the rest was all trifoliate orange from the rootstock. The fruit kind of reminds me of ugli fruit, a type of mandarin I believe. Upon closer examination it was clear from the leaves. Here are two I have one has not leafed out yet, the other was recently potted.

It has a cool growth habit and mean, nasty thorns, making for an ideal candidate for a living "ouch-goes-the burglar" or four-legged critter proof fence. I cut open one fruit and it had like ninteen seeds, seventeen of which looked viable. Here are the fruits.
And a close up of one.

The fruits are quite pithy, and full of bitter oils, so no good for eating, but I like the shape and foliage. If interested in a fruit, email to gnixon@satx.rr.com. I believe I have eight should there be interest.