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Thread: reptile "rock" heater

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    reptile "rock" heater


    Recently I came across this and got it on the cheap. Some sort of heater made of resin and styled to look like a rock, I assume for a reptile habitat. I did a bit of reading and found mixed reviews/emotions about using such things, especially as the sole source of heat in a reptile environment. But that is not my forte. I plugged it in, placing it in a bowl with a bit of water, thinking it would heat up sort of quickly. Eventually I dumped the water and waited for a half hour or so, and it seemed to be heating slowly, from the center, I guess that is where the coils are. Maybe it is like an aquarium heater, and takes some time to heat up. I cannot say. But should this be of interest to one of you, here it is for postage. The first person to lay claim (in a post) then contact me via email gets it. I make no claim to warranty or vouch for how well it works...but it is free! You see it, you want it, you got it!

    There is, by the way, a small chip out of the bottom on the farthest end from where the wire enters, but none of the innards are exposed. So that should not matter.

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    Very interested! Emailing shortly.

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