I recently received two lotus plants in a trade and set up a 24" plastic faux half-whiskey barrel with some other water plants and partially filled it with rain water. They are growing like gangbusters. Now there are several new "inhabitants" who laugh at BT.i . I don't want to just throw in a batch of U. gibba though that would probably take care of it. I was hoping for something new and different. Many garcias to all those who recently traded with me and offered things I was seeking. What I am hoping to find for this project are one or more aquatic Utrics other than gibba and graminifolia. If anyone has it, one of the red forms of Androvanda would be very nice. I have a few things on the trading post, other things for possible trade, seeds etc. Postage and/or trade, whatever works best. Thanks in advance and hope your Spring growing is taking off. I don't expect water chemistry to change much or very rapidly...I have no plans for running water or filtration on this one. Except on a perhaps temporary basis when and if it gets too gunky.