Yesterday at a garage sale I picked up a quite large hoya. I could barely get it in the car and had to do lots of juggling to find a place for it. It did require some trimming, and maybe some still, so I thought I would offer cuttings to folks here. The flowers are pink and very fragrant. The one in the third pic is kind of faded, but you get the idea.
Don't know the species. I did go back today to look around a bit more and was offered another one from the back yard, so I took that one to my brothers house. Anyway, I have about seven cuttings up for grabs, maybe more if there is demand. Email me at gnixon@satx.rr.com for particulars. You can post here if you wish, I would prefer you not PM. I also have a bit of hornwort from a pond in a local neighborhood if anyone wants a starter piece. Ciao!