Awhile back I thought I would try silver squill in a windowsill, and there are three plants in glass container that are not doing much. They put out a new leaf now and then, and look ok, but I want to put something else in the space. They are confused by some as orchids with a swollen base and small but interesting flowers. The speckled foliage looks pretty cool as well. They are in a lowish light area, so if you get one, don't put it in the sun right away. From a Divx update, I also accidentally dl'l Google Chrome then deleted it, and now my Windows menu won't access the internet so I have to go thru the run command. In any case, I am too lazy to go look for a picture right now. So if you wish, go look it up, and if you want one of the three, post here and I will get back to you.


I also have some Malabar spinich vines sprouting up in places I don't want them, so I can include one of those if you wish.