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Thread: More green coffee seeds this time Ethopian Harrar my personal fave

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    More green coffee seeds this time Ethopian Harrar my personal fave

    Hi there,

    I went to the coffee roasters up the street today to get a new supply of Ethopian Harrar coffee and asked if I might get some green beans. This time they gave me a bunch, at least a couple ounces. Said to be Arabica, normally shade grown and at high elevations. Normally grown at 3 to 6 thousand feet and subject to disease, frost damage, and trouble with drought...well anyway, here are some more seeds for those who wish to try. Email me if interested.

    By the way, am I the only one who is miffed that a "parcel" the the USPO is $1.95 up to...whatever the weight is?? I had a small package that weighed less than one ounce. You useta could mail that for about 75 cents or less. Whenever I ask they just say: "What?" "Been like that forever." Or somesuch. It is not just raising the rates, but making minimums, not to mention being upgraded to Priority after a certain weight. Still a bargain in a relativistic sense, but geez. Envelope, 45 cents. A little wider, whoops that is a "parcel." Kaching! Or am I hallucinating?

    So if you want what sounds like a challenge, sing out!

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    How much are the coffee seeds or are you willing to do any trades? Send me a pm on which option intrests you.

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