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Thread: Wanted: Poorly doing Ultra-Highlanders

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    Wanted: Poorly doing Ultra-Highlanders

    I have an experimental terrarium/grow-chamber I am testing,
    and will have need in the near future for some poorly growing,
    near dieing (BUT NOT DEAD) shrinking, slow-going UltraHighland/Highland Neps.

    I am hoping that this will be a perfect test to see if the chamber is working up to par,
    if I can take some poor growing Ultra's (or highlanders) & get them back into a healthy state.

    I would currently prefer Ultra-highlanders: N.Villosa, N.Macrophylla
    or if not, then possibly Highlanders: N.Hamata, N.Jacquelineae only (at this time).
    I have a preference to these, as they were plants I had difficulty with in years past,
    due to improper temps & conditions. So I am on a vendeta to make a unit to get these types to grow.

    If I am successful, I do hope to somehow get this technology into the hands of normal everyday growers like myself. (Not that I am normal or everyday!) BUt I have been working on these units for years now,
    and have been hoping to make something affordable for everyone,
    and not just those who know how to butcher up a refrigerator/freezer!

    I know, a silly dream to aspire to.
    But in my lifetime I never imagined average growers to be able to be able to buy these plants.
    (Affording them is another story!)
    But it saddens me greatly that while the average kid can possibly buy them,
    they may likely not be able to keep them alive & grow them in a healthy state.
    To me, that is something worth making possible for others.

    Well, I know it is highly unlikely, but PM me (only PM or email please) if you have something on hand....
    or may have in the future. In the past I too have watched my treasured & expensive plants slowly put out smaller & smaller leaves & pitchers, slowing their growth to a standstill, and diminish in size, while I felt helpless to do anything to stop it. If you are in this situation, consider giving your plant another last chance to survive!
    While I can't guarantee I can save it, my goal is to eventually be able to help you to do that yourself! I am currently on my best "prototype" for a unit that can create the right conditions for these plants, and am hoping that I am finally getting close to success. But I won't know until I have more "real life" testing done.
    (I know working with near dead plants is one of the worst things to attempt, but I can't easily get the plants I am looking for, and would rather experiment with plants that will likely die anyway, as opposed to risking the lives of healthy plants.)
    And keep me in mind if you end up having a "candidate" in the future, as this will likely be a long term testing & series of experiments for me. (Tweaking a system & imporving it can be a slow & tedious process.) So feel free to contact me even long after this post was written.
    [I have spent many years working on, improving, building & testing my designs for a Ultra-Highland/Highland growchamber. And I likely will continue to do so for years to come, until I get it right.]

    I will discuss what I have to trade in PM with those who have something to offer.
    Thanks to any who do PM me with plants, help or advice.
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    But then, common sense isn't so common anymore, is it.

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    hey i dont know if it's an ultra highlander but i have a TruncataXsplendiana hybrid i've been wanting to get rid of. if you don't want it im going to give it away on the forum for the cost of shipping

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