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Thread: Giveaway #4 (local pickup only) - Sarracenia

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    Giveaway #4 (local pickup only) - Sarracenia

    Tub of the following Sarracenia (pic from June):

    - S. rubra rubra, NC (long lid) (code 50 in growlist) - multiple plants
    - S. oreophila, Dekalb County, AL (code 30 in growlist) - few plants
    - S. flava var atropurpurea (all red), Cooks Bayou, Bay County, FL (code 43 in growlist), small plant (I actually gave away the plant in this tub but a year later it grew back from a remnant piece)
    - S. minor (code 70 in growlist) - multiple plants

    This offer is open to everyone willing to drive to west-central NJ (near Clinton for those wanting to estimate travel time) & meet me at a nearby shopping center parking lot.

    Other stuff - PLEASE READ - (the fine print):
    - winner should plan to 'Pay it Forward' at some point in the future, by giving away a division from these plants (at least one division from each species).
    - winner's name will be posted in this thread
    - feel free to either post questions here in the thread or email me at: - - - - -
    - plants are for your personal enjoyment - no ebay sales
    - my apologies to those far from NJ, there's just no way I'm going to pack all these plants for shipping -- sorry (if no one is willing to travel, I'm not yet sure what Plan B is ...)
    - also - if you request it, I'll include one of the following freebies:
    --- U. tricolor division, U. longifolia division (SG) or D. ultramafica x spatulata

    - entries will close @ 19:00 ET Nov 8, 2012 (and I will post winners some time after that)
    --- the winner will be contacted by PM after the selection so we can coordinate time & place

    If interested, simply list your name below; add numbers as necessary; do that whole "cut and paste" ****** you're so familiar with . . . (however - do it in order, don't just pick your own numbers - more or less like this thread)

    . . . ad nauseum (thanks to BB for setup - shamelessly copied)

    Thanks for playing
    All the best,
    You must do the thing you think you cannot do. --- Eleanor Roosevelt

    *** Growlist / Wants / Offers ***
    (with Pics)

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    Aaahhh I wish I lived in New Jersey!!!

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