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Thread: Search seeds for Germany: Nepenthes and Dr. regia

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    I'd stay away from Nepenthaceae, as most of his seeds offered are realy old, but ******************* and **************** have seeds that do well (by the way, these two are actually from the same person, if anyone ever pays attention to the paypal email). The seeds the seller collects are from tribal lands he has access to, so are otherwise protected, and he collects relatively few seeds at a time from any one species or population. I have had very good germination from seeds bought from these sellers.
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    I know this is a request for Germany but the names recommended above do not/will not provide proper paperwork for importing seeds/plant parts to the USA and so shall not be discussed on TerraForums (since we are mainly located in the USA) since we do not condone illegal activities. I can only enforce this on the parties I know of for sure so please make sure you are asking proper questions before deciding who to buy from (no matter if you are in the US or another country). They will tell you "very sorry i didn't supply the certificate.but shipment to US destinations are smooth to send without it." but remember, when your shipment gets caught it is you facing the fines... NOT them.
    Please keep that in mind. I just wanted to put that note here since now the names show as censored out.
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