Yesterday and into the night we had a front go thru with winds in the 40 to 60mph range. It caused lots of minorish damage - traffic lights downed all or in part, I saw one grassfire, several areas had power interruptions. My peach Datura got pummelled. Around the back by the garage, I have a large night bloomer which I believe to be Senenicereus grandifloris. Lots of confusion within that family and/or style of cactus. Anyway, I originally obtained it as a large cutting from a person in my city who had it growing over a wall
and some parts of it (a big jumble) were over seven feet long. As the flower bubs develop, they have small spines all along the bud. Good sized flowers four to six inches across. Very fragrant strong vanilla/cinnamon scent. This fellow was in a quite large pot, with some woven wire to give it something to hang over. The wind blew it over and a large piece broke off. The pic of that flower is overexposed and not so great but look to the right and you can see two buds with reddish tips. Here is a cross-section. Let me know if you would like a cutting. Email me at Some books call this Queen of the night, others a more bladed type. Call it what you will, here it is.