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Thread: N. albomarginata "cameron highlands"

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    N. albomarginata "cameron highlands"

    I have an N. albomarginata "cameron highlands" (from Tony) that I'm probaby willing to trade. It's finally putting out a pitcher in my conditions and is a nice plant, but doesnt seem to happy with me. I like the plant and I'm not 100% sure if I want to let it go but I figured I'd throw some feelers out there and see if anyone had some offers. It's a good sized plant with about 4-5" pitchers. I'll post some pictures soon. Let me know if your interested at all. I'd be willing to throw in a few pings/dews or some other cool stuff if the "price is right". Thanks y'all!


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    I might be interested. Check out my grow list and see if anything interests you.

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