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Thread: Dews taking over! Help me get rid of them please

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    Dews taking over! Help me get rid of them please

    Hey all,

    So basically, I have (probably hundreds of) D. capensis 'narrow' and D. binata coming out of my ears and they're slowly taking over my entire collection. I also have some spare spatulatas, rotundifolias, D. capensis 'alba', and a Marston Dragon. In order to keep things from getting out of hand, I will have to get rid of many of them, one way or another. If any of you would like to make a trade with me and help me clean some of them out, I'd be very grateful. Just send me a PM. They're pretty much all mature, flowering plants and I have LOTS. Hit me up with whatever you've got. Thanks all for your time

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    PM sent, with an eye on the marston's
    It's a tough life being a Sarracenia farmer
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