Hi! I have a few odds and ends seed wise, no CPs, but some nice stuff for tropical or temperate growing:

Unidentified Aristolochia species, 10 seeds. Obtained in trade as A. macrophylla. Nope! Upon investigation, seed origin is Brazil. Probably tropical.

Wolfberry, Lycicum barbatum 2 small fruits, should be at least 15-20 seeds. Aka Goji, very healthful berries and foliage. Zone 5 hardy.

Xhosa Dream Root, Silene capensis, 10 seeds. Sub-tropical (but tolerates frost) Catchfly species, sticky stems trap insects. Interesting entheogen.

Jasmine Scented Tobacco, Nicotiana alata, 50 + seeds. Intoxicating night time fragrance, excellent outdoor annual or greenhouse plant.

Opium Poppies, Papaver somniferum, 100 + seeds. Typical reds, nice annual, these are actually last season's seeds, but viability holds well in these

If you have some seeds to offer in trade fine, I'm always looking for interesting temperate plants, CP or not, but if not, don't let
that stop you!