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Thread: talengensis,,,and veitchii x talengensis

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    talengensis,,,and veitchii x talengensis

    Ok so i still havent been able to make either of these thrive , they grow very well , but pitcher poorly.
    They are both up for trade.
    The veitchii x talangensis keeps one pitcher going most of the time and the talangensis puts out one or two pitchers a year.
    I looking for veitchii highland x boschiana ( i hate i gave this one away , i should have made room ). id give them both for this one. if its rooted.

    I will consider sarrs too if mature (second or third year division), and something cool
    ( not expensive ), just doesnt need to be species, hybrid would be ok , but i would need to see a pic of a mature pitcher.
    thanks for looking

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    Hello, I am interested in trading. I have the following sp. up for trade;

    Sarracenia rosea
    Sarracenia p. Montana (Transylvania Co., N.C.)
    Sarracenia p. Montana ( deep red cups, heavily, red veined )

    I only collect sp. So I am interested in N. talengensis.
    407 - 924 - 3377

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