hi y'all all i have in my collection right now is a couple intermediates, a couple highland hybrids. my temps are: lowland terrarium 65f night 80f day 80%. highland
greenhouse 75-80 day, 55 night plenty of light and circulation
(im also giving one of my inters to my grandma who's got a greenhouse), I'm looking for the following(and yes i have both climates separately)
nepenthes vietchii hl
nepenthes ampullaria [any color (basal rosette)]
nepenthes truncata hl or ll
nepenthes rafflesiana (any clone or var.)
nepenthes bicalcarata
-------------------------here's what I got to trade
all will be unrooted divisions/keiki's
laelia anceps pink yellow
laelia gouldiana
cattleya walkernia x semi alba
cattleya lowes-densis 18'' tall
dendrobium nobile (buds forming)
den. noid alba
bulbophyllum fragrens
cattleya noid orange
den. kingianum
neoregelia fireball

us only plz, if you want pics; find what you want and tell!!