Hi all,

I picked up a number of epiphytic Utrics and a Heli. pulchella last year, and they grew well until my terrarium got way too hot over the summer. I feel good about growing them and have a solution to the summer heat now, so I'd like to pick up a few more to play around with.

I have a number of rareish small to mini orchids that will do well in terrarium/greenhouse settings similar to what you all grow Helis, Neps, and/or Orchidoides Utrics in (intermediate temps, decent light, frequent waterings). Most of the orchids I have to offer are mini to small Bulbophyllum species, but I do have some Vanda alliance genera as well (Chiloschista and Thrixspermum) and a Mexipedium.

If interested, send me a PM with what you have to offer, and I'll send you over a complete list.