I have decided to potentially part with a Nepenthes x Wrigleyana to make more room. I am interested in trading for Sarracenia; I have lots of grow space for the them and little grow space for Nepenthes.

I received this particular plant from Christian James last year. It has grown well with several off shoots which I have rooted. I left this original stem to grow and now don't have a place for it. I guess I could ship it as is (i.e. long) but I would much rather send out cuttings. I could at maximum take five cuttings and have the original base left, but I feel more comfortable saying three to four cuttings and the original base with roots. It has no pitchers now due to winter and lower light levels. Healthy tendrils on almost all the leaves though.

The obligatory photos:

Also, I have this bonsai tree that I am not doing well with. I feel like I should send it to someone else before I muck it up. It seemed to go dormant recently, and then put out a bunch of new growth. I knew not what to do with it, so I trimmed up the unruly growth. Now, however, it has decided to start shedding some of the leaves I didn't cut off. If you are interested in it, chances are you know better what variety it is and how to care for it.

Here he is:

I am not sure how much it would be to ship the little bonsai, so I will have to consider that before we make a deal.

Again, any Sarracenia offers are appreciated. You can refer to my grow list below, but hit me up with anything you have, as I like to have various clones for the varied genetic material.

Thanks for looking!