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Thread: Some common-ish plants and Utrics for trade/give-away (D. capensis, N. alata)

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    Some common-ish plants and Utrics for trade/give-away (D. capensis, N. alata)

    Hey Everyone:

    Repotted about half my collection yesterday and weeded out a few things. Gonna do this WYSIWYG style:


    The pot of 5 or so immature D. capensis 'typical' in the center of the photo. (It was a bit hard to get the photo). I'd like to trade off all of them.


    First up, an N. alata. So far, this plant has only had one small, immature pitcher in my care. Couldn't tell if it was correctly labeled.

    Second, my N. x ventrata has gotten too large. If anyone wants a cutting to practice rooting, or whatever, I'd be happy to send it to you for the cost of shipping. Also open to trades. Here's a shot of the monster stem:


    I have a bunch little U. calycifida 'Asenath Waite' for trade. You can sort of make them out in the following photo:

    Mature, flowering plants look like these two:

    I also have a bunch of U. gibba, but I didn't photograph that because it's a bit harder to do.

    As far as what I'm looking for, I doubt these would qualify for anything rare, but I do have some of those on my grow/want list. So, I'm open to pretty much anything I don't have. Of the more common stuff, in particular, I'm looking for D. capensis 'Big Pink', D. madigascarensis; U. alpina, U. reniformis, U. pubescens and U. warburgii, VFT Paradisa, VFT Pink. But, quite honestly, I'm open to offers. Mostly, I'm just trying to swap out extras/make room.

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