I have access to a large amount of a Brake Fern, Pteris multifida, and I'm offering divisions free of charge to interested participating members of the community who are located in USDA zone 6 or lower. The stuff is growing all over one of our greenhouses, in cracks in the blocks, and even in the biotower of one of our fish systems! The greenhouse is unheated in the winter, and air temps can get below freezing, but due to the large amount of water in a below grade sump it doesn't get the extremes we see here in zone 6B. It's rather attractive, but it is a highly invasive species in zones 7 and higher, and I won't take a chance on introducing it where it could pose a problem. It's free, but I would ask that you cover the cost of shipping, $6 for a small Priority box. Thanks for looking! Here's a link to a pic, (not mine):https://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt...is%20multifida