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Thread: Mexican fan palm seeds

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    Mexican fan palm seeds

    In a parking lot near my home there is a group of fan palms, I believe Mexican fan palms. They drop fruit with seed in large numbers. Cars drive by and crush the fruit and the seeds are undamaged.
    I thought some of you might like to have a few. I gathered up a handful the other day. They are about the size of an M and M. These seeds and similar ones end up in gardens and sprout randomly. Here are a few pics.
    Let me know if you are interested, post here, and pm me with mailing info, plan on about 3 - 4 bucks for some sort of small package or padded envelope.

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    Those are Cabbage Palm or Sabal palmetto. Neat palm, native to the southeast.

    In addition to the coasts, they'll also grow inland, in a habitat called a coastal maritime forest:
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