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Thread: Non CPs for Nepenthes

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    Non CPs for Nepenthes

    I'd like to expand my currently almost non-existent Nepenthes collection. I have plenty to trade, many of them considered choice plants. They are just not CPs.

    I'm interested in Nepenthes plants, seedlings or cuttings (rooted or unrooted). I have some experience rooting cuttings. I'm most interested in highland species or hybrids. I'm not particularly interest in N. x ventrata, or the more ordinary forms of N. alata and N. ventricosa.

    Below is a partial list of some of the things I have.

    A Key:

    (+): I'm pretty sure I have at least one plant ready to go, or close to it.
    (++): I have a large number of plants ready to go.
    (+/-): I would need to root a cutting, it might be available unrooted, or perhaps there is some uncertainly about a plant. i.e. ask.

    Begonias: bogneri (++), brevirimosa (+/++), luxurians (++, also my own fresh seed), sizemoreae (++), 'Freddie' (++, but rooted leaves), 'Little Brother Montgomery' (+), 'Gene Daniels' (+), dregei (+, year old seedlings). Others can be rooted...

    Aristolochias: macroura (++, rooted cuttings), gigantea brasiliensis (+, year old seedling), fimbriata (++, this year's seeds)

    Passifloras: lindeniana (++, seedlings), pittieri (+/-, seedlings), 'Mission Dolores' (+, = parritae x antioquiensis), variegated membranacea (++, seedlings, also seeds), Strybing clone membranacea (+/-), antioquiensis (+, seedlings plus seeds), bogotensis (+, seedling), loefgrenii (+, rooted cutting), 'Preciosa' (+/-, currently unrooted), sanguinolenta (++, rooted cuttings).

    Deppea: splendens (+/-, I have a just bloomed Deppea splendens I'd trade for something special, can also root cuttings, but takes time.), obtusiflora (++), Pseudomiltemia filisepala (+/-, close relative of Deppea, can root cuttings).

    Impatiens: namchabarwensis (+/++, rooted cuttings), hians (++, rooted cuttings), tinctoria (+/-), flanaganae (+/-)

    Tree Dahlias: Dahlia tenuicaulis (++, rooted cuttings), Dahlia imperialis (+/-).

    Caudiciform Yam: Dioscorea sylvatica (++, largest have quarter sized caudexes)

    Fern: Woodwardia orientalis (++, all still small). A large, somewhat hardy mother fern with yellow/orange/reddish new growth.

    Agapetes: I grow A. serpens (red form), A. serpens (Alba, 'Nepal Cream'), 'Ludvan Cross', smithiana Major, hosseana. Nothing is rooted, but I should be able to take cuttings of most or all of those.

    Somewhat Hardy Hoya Relative: Dregea (Wattakaka) sinensis (++, seedlings)

    Kalanchoe: 'Pink Butterflies' (++, but small)

    Sansevieria: 'Congo' (+, unclear whether this is the same as masoniana/'Mason's Congo', but it looked identical side-by-side)

    Brugmansia:'Suncrest vulsa' (++, heat-sensitive B. vulcanicola hybrid)

    Calla: 'Hercules' (++, gets 7 feet tall, spotted leaves).

    Clematis: akoensis (+, tropical, fragrant, wow)

    SE Asian "Jello Plant": Triandra tiliacora (+/++, cuttings just rooted).

    Tapeworm Plant: Homalocladium platycladum (+)

    Cauliflorous tropical fruit: Jackfruit seedlings (++, just germinating. Only possible in S. CA, S. FL., otherwise an attractive houseplant).

    Renga Lily: Arthropodium cirratum (++, small seedlings).

    Orchid: Variegated Cymbidium (++, divisions). Variegation is weak. I have pictures, of course of the plant, flowers.

    Roldana: cristobalensis (+), petasitis (+/-)

    No doubt I'm forgetting a lot of things, as I don't normally have a list made. Please ask.

    I'd like to restrict this to the U.S. of course.


    Here's a photo of Aristolochia macroura, as it is one of those that I have in huge quantities, and it may appeal to some growers of Nepenthes. This is a previous plant of mine and may or may not be the same clone. However, they all seem to look about like this. The similarity in appearance to a Nepenthes is probably not accidental. The flower is unpleasant smelling (like a Stapelia) and flies are attracted and trapped. However, they are released a day later, full of pollen. So the trapping is temporary, and the goal is pollination, not food.

    Aristolochia trilobata: 1 flower + 2 buds photo IMG_3833.jpg
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    Since many are probably unfamiliar with a lot of my plants, here are photos of a few things. Hopefully this is OK, and hopefully it's not too excessive. Except for the one Deppea, these are all examples of mature plants, not those I can trade.

    Passiflora 'Mission Dolores'. A cutting from the hybridizer's plant. This is a cool grower, but can also bloom in a 1 gallon pot. 7 inch flowers, peduncles up to 2 feet, edible fruit. Realistically can be grown by those in coastal California and those with a cool greenhouse. Or greenhouse + outside in a place like Seattle or possibly other areas with cool summers.

     photo a560eb75-d21c-44c8-9d82-587ee3ccd3f5_zps07920eb2.jpg

    Deppea splendens. The plant on the left I might consider trading for something special. It does have one cutting removed, is done blooming, and probably won't bloom again till next Fall. That plant came from Annie's Annuals; I can also root cuttings from other plants I have. It also prefers cool temperatures.

     photo efc02148-b0ac-4015-aa33-eb03206a4ded_zps11284959.jpg

    Brugmansia "Suncrest vulsa". Possibly B. sanguinea x 'Strybing vulsa'. Yet another cool grower, impossible in the Deep South outside.

     photo c8124251-571f-4a96-a325-8d530ca0a227_zps3207365e.jpg

    Passiflora loefgrenii. The peduncles can be up to a foot long (not visible in this photo):

     photo 6991df43-e770-4a24-a6fe-007b202965e6_zpsb42960ef.jpg

    Variegated Cymbidium:

     photo 9ef121ea-8005-41f4-bc23-aca2962e4e22_zpsf596bac5.jpg

    Begonia brevirimosa. This is a species Begonia. Most people grow this in a terrarium. It does fine outside here, 9 months of the year.

     photo cbf22d89-7546-4794-a712-a17a269a1e4c_zps193fb5a8.jpg

    Woodwardia orientalis. A large fern... New plants can be started from the bulbils/plantlets on mature leaves:

     photo 3c1eb487-6ac8-43e7-91b7-886435a0a0f0_zps546255fb.jpg

    Kalanchoe 'Pink Butterflies'. A mature plant that my mom grew.

     photo a3b191a5-2656-45a3-8e75-c9ea0f94e586_zps9ee4effe.jpg

    Impatiens namchabarwensis. I gave a friend a small rooted cutting. Later in the year it looked like this:

     photo d5f4db8a-8f2c-498d-977e-58503d8af403_zpsfce46b8e.jpg

    Passiflora 'Preciosa'. Grows and blooms well outside in the SF Bay Area, if kept above freezing.

     photo 92145e10-6997-4a09-a6bb-fb53c80c894c_zpsf5b81f0e.jpg

    Begonia 'Little Brother Montgomery'. Great plant inside or out. It looks like a rex and grows (outside) like a cane Begonia. It's neither. This is my mom's plant, inside for 1 1/2 years:

     photo 3055d9ca-9940-4848-b383-41d28845c4d9_zpse13fdac6.jpg

    Forgot one: Agapetes serpens: Caudiciform, stunningly beautiful, makes edible blueberries. Mother plant lives at my mom's.

     photo a0c4ae2d-f3fb-4cdc-949a-21a8a144c39f_zps3f127203.jpg

    Finally, this is redundant, but to make the point that Aristolochia macroura can bloom small. I really have a ton of these, and might consider a giveaway for postage at some point soon. These are not open flowers, but only buds at this point.

     photo 821776b9-d540-4562-956f-77ecdbea1ff3_zps607b534f.jpg
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    I decided I had enough Aristolochia macroura that I should give away some for postage. This will also motivate me to pot up 30 remaining ones... Here's my other post:

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