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Thread: Maxillaria trade for Heliamphora

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    Maxillaria trade for Heliamphora

    Hi all,

    I have a division of Max. schunkeana (the nearly black orchid species) that I can offer for trade for a Heli division. This species is quite adaptable and has done well for me in intermediate to warm conditions (should probably do ok growing cool as well). It's a mini-small grower that grows fairly quickly for an orchid. Any other questions regarding culture, feel free to PM me.

    I'm not looking for any Heli in particular. I want to try one growing in a poison dart frog tank (high humidity, temps max into the high 70s, min ~60, air circulation by a fan, 3x a day misting, high powered LED lights), so I'd prefer this to be a fairly common, easy grower. I'd like a pure species, but if you think a hybrid may be more adaptable to these conditions, I'm happy to change my mind.

    PM me with any questions, etc.


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    I don't have any for trade, but I would recommend trying heterodoxa x minor… it is very easy and common.
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