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Thread: looking for petiolaris dews (seeds)

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    looking for petiolaris dews (seeds)

    I figure its too cold to ship petiolaris complex without heatpacks right now, so for now im looking for seeds of just about any petiolaris dew besides typical paradoxa (pink flowers)
    if you have plants and a heatpack that works too. or even a point in the right direction to an online vendor.

    for trade

    seeds of
    D burmannii green/red snap tentacles, hann river kimberley AUS seeds
    true D sp floating seeds (ID'd flower)
    D intermedia roraima seeds
    D nidiformis seeds
    D tokaiensis seeds
    D rotundifolia, butte meadow CA seeds
    D lantua island seeds
    D burmanni "giant red form", hann river kimberly AUS seeds
    D ultramafica x spatulata

    young plants of
    D ultramafica x spatulata
    D regia
    D burmannii "giant red form", hann river kimberly AUS
    D burmannii 'green' hann river kimberly AUS
    P. emarginata(?)
    D capensis broad leaf

    mature plants of
    D affinis
    D nidiformis
    D tokaiensis
    D snyderi
    D Binata

    pm me or post if interested
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