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Thread: Looking For Difficult Seeds

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    Looking For Difficult Seeds

    I was just given a bottle of a product (thanks to Ray at First Rays Orchids)containing a mix of microbes that supposedly have multiple benefits for plants. The benefit which I'm most interested in is a claim to help prevent damping off and other fungal issues. I'd like to run as scientific a test as possible given the dwindling space in my living room. I'd like to germinate seeds very prone to damping off under various protocols including controls. I would be very grateful and will of course create a thread describing the process. One other criteria I'm looking for is reasonably rapid generation, so thanks but no thanks for the Neps! I would be willing to pay postage or offer something in trade, although my current trading stock is rather limited. Thanks!
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    I don't know if these would be of interest, but I could certainly send you a ton of Petunia exserta seeds. I know that's one where many have problems with damping off. I don't think it's one where a fungicide usually needs to be applied to succeed, though. That's the perennial Petunia that is the only hummingbird pollinated species, and the only naturally red species. It looks unlike other Petunias. Seeds travel for the price of a stamp because they are too small to be crushed. I think mine are about 1 1/2 years old, though (a reason to use them up now). In the past they've germinated in about 10 days.

    When I think of seeds that need (I think...) antifungal treatment, Welwitschia mirabilis comes to mind. That might be a more interesting plant to try. There are at least a couple sources. I tried it years ago (from Silverhill in South Africa) but never saw germination. I'm tempted to try again with Mesa Garden seed ($3.15 for 5 seeds). Actually, I just found another source:

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