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Thread: Giveaway: Jackfruit seedlings (Artocarpus heterophyllus) seedlings for postage

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    Giveaway: Jackfruit seedlings (Artocarpus heterophyllus) seedlings for postage

    I bought a Jackfruit late last year, and started a number of the seeds. I've decided I don't have the room to deal with the sprouted seeds, and I'd like to send them to someone for postage. I'm not sure how much postage will be--hopefully for 1 or 2 pounds ($7.15 or $11.55, or perhaps less, closer to California). My inclination is to send them in a way which is easiest and least painful for me--perhaps partially bareroot them, and send them in peat? I'm open for suggestions.

    I attached a photo of the sprouted seeds. I think there are roughy 20 or so.

    Jackfruit makes a beautiful tree, and it can be grown and fruited outside in parts of Orange and San Diego County in CA; also in Southern Florida. Even when grown inside as a houseplant, it's extremely attractive.

    Please respond here, and/or message me if interested.

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