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Thread: Giant Lemon Seed Giveaway

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    Giant Lemon Seed Giveaway

    My wife recently went on a lemon water kick, and one of her coworkers gave her a Ponderosa lemon her husband had grown. If you're not familiar with the fruit, just think a lemon the size of a softball. From a bit of research, it turns out these are actually a hybrid, but they produce lots of viable seeds that generally grow true to type. I have some planted, but haven't even put a dent in the lemon. I'll mail out, at my expense, a lot of 6 seeds to the winner, chosen at random by my grandson. It's very possible that there will be more than 1 lot, so multiple winners are likely. To qualify:
    1. You must be an active member of the TF community.
    2. You must be a resident of the continental US. FL, AZ, CA and HI residents are not eligible due to state restrictions.
    3. You must post a giveaway of your own this season
    4. You must require the recipient of your giveaway to have one of their own in order to keep it going.

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