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Thread: S. Rubra & S. purpurea up for trade!

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    S. Rubra & S. purpurea up for trade!

    After splitting my rubras a couple months ago, I ended up with twelve plants! I've given some to friends but still have 6 extra I'm willing to give up. Last summer, they were making pitchers 5-7 inches tall.
    I also have 2 purpurea venosa's I'd like to trade. One purpurea is a baby with pitches only an inch or two tall, but the other one is 2 years old and is ready to be divided into two.
    I know these are probably the most common plants in CP collections (they're all from death cubes after all), but I'm not asking for anything too crazy I think. I will pretty much take any CP I think I can grow down here in Florida. Seeds included. If interested, send me a PM, and we'll exchange pictures and hammer out the details.
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