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Thread: Mounted Orchids for Trade: Brassocattleya and Encyclia

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    Mounted Orchids for Trade: Brassocattleya and Encyclia

    I have seen some orchid interest in the past here at TF, so I thought I would post up some other surplus plants I have. These are mounted -- one on cork bark the other on persimmon wood -- and are well established. Unfortunately, I was a bit aggressive in moving them to higher light conditions last month and they suffered a bit of sunburn as can be seen (somewhat) in the pictures. They shouldn't be affected and should bloom copiously for you this year.

    This is a 5.5 inch wide deck rail for scale.

    First, Brassocattleya Maikai 'Mayumi'. This is a fragrant sort if I remember correctly. You can see the flowers on the Google.

    Next, Encyclia radiata (if I remember correctly). I will verify this plant's species before shipping. Also fragrant, I believe. Please bear witness to the green flowers on your favorite search engine.

    I am interested in any thing CP related, notably Sarracenia and Dionaea. My time is slim lately, so these orchids require a bit too much watering time for me at this point. Bog plants seem to be all I have time for these days: fill up the tray and go, n'ya mean?
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