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Thread: Dahlia tenuicaulis (everblooming tree Dahlia) 2 feet (3 cuttings): Giveaway

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    Dahlia tenuicaulis (everblooming tree Dahlia) 2 feet (3 cuttings): Giveaway

    I basically just cut my sister's Dahlia tenuicaulis to the ground. It needed a little (or a lot) of pruning and rejuvenation. This is a moderately fragrant, magenta-flowered plant, which tends to be bushier than Dahlia imperialis. It also tends to bloom more year round, instead of just November/December.

    One of the members of this forum is getting the bulk of the cuttings to use for a school propagation project. But I'll offer the cutting below for whomever is interested, and by random draw on Sunday if there is more than one person interested. I can send this for postage, which might vary a little depending on whether the cutting is chopped up and how it's sent, but $7.15 or less.

    And here are the plants at the SF Botanical Garden, probably 10-15 feet tall:

    The cutting can be chopped up into three 2-node pieces, which root easily in perlite, also perlite-rich soil.

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    Wow that's pretty and that's great your giving the bulk to a member using them for a school project learning to prop is great knowledge for plant lovers - i think that's really great of you! And wanna say goodluck to the lucky one who has the room to grow this as big as yr sisters (and the one pictured) goodluck i wish i could enter but i don't have a garden or funds to pay shipping so goodluck to everyone who can!

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