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Thread: Mini Orchids for trade

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    Mini Orchids for trade

    Looking for Heli's I don't have, HL Neps, or Sarracenias to go in my bogs.

    Most are very good sized divisions with the exception of a couple of Masdevallias which are 2-6 leaves and the Bulbo's are 2-3 pseudobulbs. I also have a bunch of small epiphytic ferns that are great in terrariums if anyone is interested.
    Masdevallia tonduzii
    Masdevallia bennettii
    Masdevallia sernae
    Masdevallia floribunda
    Platystele consobrina
    Platystele erectoglossa
    Dryadella albicans
    Scaphosepalum microdactylum
    Restrepia lansbergii
    Pleurothallis grobyi type (Ecuador, small yellow flowers)
    Porroglossum muscosum type reflexed brown
    Porroglossum aureum
    Bulbophyllum lepidum (mounted)
    Bulbophyllum pulchellum (mounted)
    Diplocaulobium stelliferum (large divisions mounted)

    Porroglossum muscosum type flower

    Platystele consobrina flower

    Pleurothallis grobyi typle small yellow flowers

    Restrepia lansbergii flower

    Scaphosepalum microdactylum flower

    Masdevallia floribunda flower

    Porroglossum aureum flowers

    Diplocaulobium stelliferum

    Bulbophyllum pulchellum

    Bulbophyllum stenobulbon mini

    Dendrobium lichenastrum

    Bulbophyllum trichocephalum
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    I know I'm not offering the HL Nepenthes, or Sarracenias you are looking for, but if you would consider the trade I would be willing to trade a Dendrobium Lindleyii division for a division of your Dendrobium lichenastrum. Let me know, Thanks!

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