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Thread: LF: D. linearis

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    LF: D. linearis

    As the title says, I'm looking for D. linearis. Doesn't have to even be a mature plant. Seeds, seedlings, strikes, or even fresh cuttings are welcome; I can root them myself. Just looking to own a specimen or two of the species.

    I have a few things to trade, but not much.

    P. esseriana
    D. sp. "Lantau Island"
    D. capensis x spatulata
    D. "Marston Dragon" (strikes from leaf cuttings, with leaves about 2-3" long)
    D. spatulata
    D. capensis "alba"
    D. filiformis "Florida Red" seeds
    U. calycifida 'Asenathe Waite'
    U. sandersonii
    U. gibba
    N. ventricosa seedling (about 4-5" diameter)
    N. maxima x fusca seedling (about 3-4" diameter)
    S. leucophylla "Hurricane Creek" seedling (not producing adult pitchers yet)
    S. leucophylla 'Tarnok' (immature rhizome)
    Darlingtonia Californica seedling (not producing adult pitchers yet)

    I also have an abundance of Sparkler Cleome seeds, a gorgeous annual flower.
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