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Thread: Need Drosera anglica

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    I would not stick the seeds in the freezer. While some might naturally experience frost in their habitats, it doesn't do anything good beyond what normal cold stratification does, and you may risk destroying the seeds. Also, with the handful of temperate anglica forms I've grown, 4 weeks stratification is more than enough, and I got fairly good germination rates; couple dozen German anglica growing from one sowing of seeds, probably in the range of 70%. I would say I have some of those available but I have no room for anything new myself
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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntsmanshorn View Post
    Nope, I did the fridge for 5 months but I kind of wonder if I should have tried them outside all Winter instead.
    I got a couple of new germinations after a winter outside once, from a pot in which I had stratified D. intermedia, grown it for the year, and then overwinter the plants—for what it's worth. And for some reason have D. rotundifolia popping up in Sarracenia pots after the winter all the time... love the little guys, so no complaints.

    I'm guessing the chills that pots left outside get are harsher for the seeds than being cosily tucked up in some sphagnum in a bog under a blanket of snow.
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